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Galactic Canine Space Force is a 2D animated student film, created and directed by Anya Amarillo.

A high schooler opens a magical package, unfortunately, it isn’t addressed to him.


One night, a weirdly cute rocket falls onto a playground in the suburbs. Ruben, a high school student who watched it land on the woodchips goes to investigate. Once he discovers its fantastical contents, he can't help but feel jealous that his best friend was chosen to be a magical girl, but is also embarrassed about wanting to take the traditionally female role. He eventually learns that he doesn’t need to worry about how others see him, especially if they love him as he is.



Vancouver Asian Film Festival
In-Person Screening - International Village Cineplex Odeon Theatre, Saturday, Nov 4th 2023

Awards & Nominations

Award - Best story 
Awarded by Emily Carr University

Nomination - 2023 Best Canadian Animated Short
Nominated at Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2023


GCSF Productions

Cast and Crew

Director:  Anya Amarillo

Production Coordinators: Angela Almero, Amanda Lim


Voice Actors

Cashewsart (Faustus) as Ruben Manalo

Tabetha McNeal as Yeva Angeloff

Chris Byron as Croissant

Music Composer: Mark Marinic

Sound Design: Matt Whitford, Miguel Ramirez Ahumada

Mix Engineer: Matthew Stephanson


Script Writers: Anya Amarillo, Bailey Martin

Character Designers: Anya Amarillo, Alexis Han

Background Designers: Amanda Lim, James Huang

Graphic Design: Nikki Rodriguez

Layout Artists: Amanda Lim, Allyssa Clemente, Esther Bellefontaine, James Huang


Animators: Anya Amarillo, Allen Khrystenok, Alycia Chan, Angela Zhang, Christy Chan, Lorien AllanPoizomiX, Pritty Wang, Samantha Hubbell

Clean-up: Anya Amarillo, Alexis Han, Alycia Chan, Angela Zhang, Christy Chan, Lorien Allan, PoizomiX, Pritty Wang

Colourists: Anya Amarillo, Alayna Y, Lorien Allan, Bailey Martin, Tom 8246 🦝, Vincent Fung, Soph! Su

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